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"We had the pleasure of having Anthony Ianni present to several elementary schools and middles schools around our state. His story is inspirational and was is received by students of all ages. Anthony’s positive and charismatic demeanor make him a magnet for students, many of which shared their own personal stories with him. Teachers and parents alike commented about the impact that his story had on their children by becoming a much-needed role model and decreasing bullying in their schools. We will be bringing Anthony back to Oregon to share his story and continue to have a positive impact in our community."

Ryan Lockard

Board President – Autism Society of Oregon

“Anthony left a lasting impression on Nebraska student-athletes sharing a powerful story of courage, belief and never losing sight of your dreams.  Within his message, the importance of respect and inclusiveness was a major theme which aligned with the values of our athletics department.  Anthony was extremely relatable, engaging and accommodating.  I am thrilled our student-athletes had the chance to grow from his persistence and the sharing of his life experiences.”


Keith Zimmer

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Senior Associate AD – Life Skills & Enrichment

“We were fortunate to have Anthony Ianni speak at our annual fundraising Luncheon. As a father with a child on the spectrum Anthony’s story was inspiring to myself and my son Patrick.  Anthony’s roadmap to his success helped start to pave a way for my son to see that he too can reach goals that he at one time could only dream to accomplish.”


Patrick Rooney, Jr.

President & CEO

Rooney’s Golf Foundation in West Palm Beach 



“Mr. Ianni's presentation was an inspiration to all our student athletes in how to deal with overcoming obstacles in life and pursuing one's passions regardless of who or what stands in the way.  The passion he showed when speaking reiterates his message and how much he truly cares about the success of others." 

Alma College Men's basketball staff

“Anthony is a gentle giant…his calming presence and reassuring spirit leaves students feeling hopeful and excited about their future! Anthony exudes a genuineness that encourages students to share openly about their experiences and struggles. It was a delight to watch our students connect with him. He is a TRUE example of perseverance!”

Stephanie Patterson and Summer Bachman

Cleveland County Schools in Shelby, North Carolina

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